Gus Luong


My name is Gus. Not by birth. My parents named me, Phong Tuan Luong. How I got “Gus” started in grade school. “Phongus” was what friends would tease me with. In high school, my best friend at the time, Wiley, used to call me “Gus Gus” Gus Gus after the mouse in Cinderella. Finally, after high school, I got “Gus” from my former boss at KSJO Radio and it has stuck ever since.

I’m a student of life. I enjoy learning anything and everything. If it interests me, I’ll be creating a section on this site to blog about my experiences. Currently, I’ve been fascinated with health, fitness, music production, video editing, and photography. I’m a DIY’er. I’m plant-powered.

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